What's New for 2015


The change of location isn't the only thing that's new. We now also have Keynote Interviews, Revolutionary Topics and New Peoplefrom a wide range of companies. All this is to ensure World CDx Belrin 2015 is the best one yet.

Forging the Path to Precision Medicine

The time to invest in companion diagnostics is now and World CDx Berlin 2015 has brought together the leaders who continue to define this central pillar of true personalised healthcare.

With partnerships being signed at an unprecedented rate and the field rapidly coming of age scientifically, World CDx will once again guide drug, diagnostic and technology developers all the way from initial target identification to market launch of Rx-Dx combinations.

World CDx Berlin 2015 will enable you to:

  1. Successfully align drug-companion diagnostic co-development via lessons learnt from marketed combinations and current leading clinical trials showcased by Pfizer, Roche and ThermoFisher Scientific
  2. Construct a robust biomarker strategy all the way from initial identification through to clinical validation by harnessing industry-leading expertise from Bayer, Teva and Radbound Medical Center
  3. Understand how to maximise the potential of NGS in the pre-clinical and clinical phases of drug development to bring the next generation of diagnostics to life now with insight from Novartis, Illumina and Boehringer Ingelheim
  4. Effectively minimize risk between drug and diagnostic developer to ensure partnering at the correct time yields commercial success with case studies from Sanofi, NanoString Technologies and Arno Therapeutics
  5. Harness the burgeoning application of circulating and cell-free biomarkers in companion diagnostic development with expert knowledge from AstraZeneca, University of Dusseldorf and MerckSerono