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Validate Predictive Clinical Biomarkers and Align Drug-CDx Co-Development to Commercialise Targeted Therapies

2014 was quite the year for companion diagnostics as it came of age as the central pillar towards enabling personalised medicine. With multiple collaborations and the emergence of genomic-based diagnostics, opportunities for high value drug-CDx co-development projects are now rapidly increasing.

As it has done for the past 5 years, the 2015 World CDx Series will once again provide a dedicated platform to for the CDx & personalised medicine community to harness existing and emerging pharmacogenomic technologies to translate enhanced understanding of disease heterogeneity into target drug-diagnostic programmes. 

As innovative molecular diagnostics play an increasingly critical role of ensuring new therapies are delivered to the right patients, World CDx Berlin will enable the European CDx & targeted drug community to harness novel technologies that validate predictive biomarkers to stratify and define patient subpopulations. Furthermore, World CDx Berlin will shine the spotlight on rapidly evolving CDx partnering models along with defining best practice to navigate new regulatory guidelines and the fragmented European reimbursement landscape.

With ground-breaking collaborations, newly proposed regulatory guidelines, continued healthcare budget constraints and an evolving concept of companion therapeutics to fit one multi-analyte/muiltiplex diagnostic test, 2015 is primed to be another exciting period of widespread CDx adoption. With appetite ever-increasing, join this maturing CDx community currently paving the way for successful targeted and precision therapy development.